Offering  HOPE  and  PRAYERS  for the  COMMONWEALTH

Saturday 99th March’19, 10am, 2pm & 6pm

The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, 9-23, Marsham Street, London, SW1P 3DW.

In the coming weeks, as we celebrate our Commonwealth counterparts, we are reminded of the fact that we are living in an ever-increasing turbulent world.  The surmounting issues surrounding our Commonwealth can no longer be ignored.  We must also take into account other African countries not party to our Commonwealth, such as DR of Congo and Libya.

We have simply turned the other cheek to the EU, whilst African and Caribbean Nations are conveniently enslaved by the new Finance Masters from China, etc., taking over and occupying our lands with bribes and fat cheque books, whilst the indigenous gaze into the abyss, helpless to challenge!

            Regardless of your opinion on Brexit, there is so much more we can offer our native lands, in terms of Hope, Trade and Prosperity as we edge eagerly, or reluctantly – towards Brexit, and a new future.  

The atmosphere is exceedingly tense!  People are confused?

Huge tariffs are imposed upon our foods, yams, green bananas, okra, plantain, sweet potatoes, etc., etc., by the EU.  Have you ever wondered why we, in the black fraternity, pay so much for our vegetables?  Why is the cost of English or French farmed potatoes only 80p per bag, yet one or two sweet potatoes only, will cost you approximately £2 minimum, not to mention the £5 for a good piece of yellow yam, but half price for yam grown in Italy and subsidised by the EU! 

After Brexit the Tariffs will come off!

Tariffs will come off food grown in our own foreign fields, and off clothing sewn in our own Commonwealth lands.  So many things will become distinctly cheaper – after Brexit!    

            The sleeping giant in all this confusion is the Afro/Caribbean Community in London.  We must educate our kin in order to free the African and Caribbean Nations from the shackles of “financial slavery” imposed upon us by Britain’s inability to trade freely.

Things are about to change!!

            We now call upon Pastors and Leaders of our Nation to join with us in unity and prayer for the future prosperity of new and prosperous Commonwealth Trade and Industry.
Beautiful Church Choirs and Solo Artists performing.

Stands available all day on Saturday 9th -1st Floor/Merchandise Room

Advertise your Events or sell your wares, books, cakes, etc. £175 Commercial table or £150 Charity/Church.

The Event will be Hosted by WINSTON MCKENZIE ( 2020 London Mayoral Candidate )